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How The Gardening Tutor Can Help

Are you just looking for some hands-on help to know what to do with your plants?

Mary remembers exactly what it's like to want a nice looking landscape and not know what to do and when to do it. The whole intention of The Gardening Tutor is to  help build your gardening confidence by answering your questions and showing you how to make your plants happy. 

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"After my husband and I moved into a new home about a year ago, we noticed that some of the plants were not thriving. Also, I was confused as to how to correctly prune and care for specific plants. We decided to consult with a gardening expert who could teach us proper gardening techniques. We feel so fortunate that we contacted Mary Frost, The Gardening Tutor. She is knowledgeable, friendly, talented, and magical with plants. Aside from educating me about pruning techniques, proper soil amendments, and watering issues, she taught me how to use my irrigation controller

Articles by or About The Gardening Tutor

Santa Rosa Magazine

Bright yellow Nasturtiums in front of a brilliant, sea blue, gazed pottery background.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Two purple and orange pottery tea cups sitting on a purple miniature French style  table with chairs. A red framed window sits behind the tea set with a clematis growing up the side. All this hanging on a fence.

San Francisco Chronicle

A sea of ornamental poppies with fluffy, deep purple flowers with lavender colored tips.

A Guiding Hand for the beginner

Here's a funny back story about the photo of me for this article: You may notice dark circles under my eyes. When friend's saw this photo they knew something was up. It had been 5 days since I separated my shoulder. The photographer kept clicking away for what felt like forever and my arm was out of my sling. Hence, the look on my face. That's pain right there. Ha!

By Mary Frost in Sonoma County Gazette

Swiss Chard Harvest from the Winter Garden.

Your Winter Vegetable Garden

Here in planting Zone 9 we are fortunate to be able to grow a winter vegetable garden. Lettuce, Bok Choy, Spinach, Broccoli and Garlic are some of the crops that can be planted just before or early in winter. Timing is key when planting so that plants have time to grow before soil cools off and days are shorter.